Nice to Know


                                    GREAT BAY VILLAS FACTS

The items below are presented so that the website visitor can have an idea how Greate Bay Villas Condominium Association operates and the residents interact and keep up-to-date.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – The Greate Bay Villas Condo Association has a board of directors Comprised of 5 members; President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and two members at large.  This is in addition to the head of the Management Agency.  The Board has business meetings regularly. There are also open meeting regularly where Villa Owners can take part.  There is also an annual meeting for Board and Villa Owners wherein year-end financials and operational facts and conditions are presented and discussed.

PARKING – There are two dedicated and numbered parking spaces for each Villa. There is also a generous amount of guest parking spaces spread throughout the community which typically accommodates visitors even on the busiest summer weekends and holidays.

TRASH PICK-UP – There are various neat trash enclosures spread geographically evenly throughout the Greate Bay Villas community. Town rules for sorting different types of trash both household refuse and recyclables according to Municipal, Town and County guidelines are posted for the edification of residents.

MAINTENANCE AND CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS – The Board of Directors is constantly evaluating the need for maintenance and capital improvement. In recent years, Greate Bay Condo Association has replaced all 84 roofs, replaced and upgraded all gutters, installed a beautiful 100 foot stone retaining wall at the entrance to our community, fixed sidewalks, repaired balconies, fixed stucco, installed drainage systems and successfully and efficiently completed many other projects to keep Greate Bay in original optimal form.

LAWN AND SHRUB CARE – Expert Lawn care takes place every Thursday in mild weather months.  Tree and Shrub pruning and replacement are constantly being applied to keep surroundings at peak appearance. Additionally, sprinklers spray the trees and lawns every day in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

SNOW REMOVAL  – Timely removal of all street and sidewalk snow is performed efficiently at the culmination of all snow storms.

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE PAYMENTS – Monthly Maintenance Payments can be accomplished by mail, personal delivery to the management agent or via most Banks’ “Bill Pay” systems.  Payments are due by the first of each month.  Payments more than 10 Business days late are subject to fines.

BI-LAWS AND MASTER DEED – Copies of the  Greate Bay Villas Condo Bi-Laws and Master Deed are presented to all Villa Owners at the real estate closing for their home.  These are also updated as the board may amend them and are available on the Greate Bay Villas Secure Website.

SECURE OWNERS WEBSITE – In addition to the public access website http://www.greatebayvillas-nj-com,  the Greate Bay Villas Condo Association has a comprehensive secure password protected owners website at  This serves as a self help mechanism for the convenience and/or safety of Villa owners.